Comprehensive Eye Care



  • Liu Xipu, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Zou Yanghong, M.D.
  • Ren Xuetao, M.D.
  • Jia Wei, M.D.







The Comprehensive Eye Service provides basic diagnostic, medical, and surgical services. The Comprehensive Eye Service also acts as an entry point to Sekwa subspecialty care for patients needing specific additional medical or surgical services.  

The services include:

  1. Screening and treatment for common eye diseases. The eye physicians perform routine eye exams and treatment for common eye diseases and refer to the subspecialty services when needed.    
  2. Spectacle and contact lens prescriptions.
  3. Evaluation of patients who may have visual loss or complaints but do not know the diagnosis. 
  4. Referrals to specialists in other medical disciplines, such as endocrinologists for individuals with diabetes.

The Service is staffed by highly trained resident physicians under the supervision of staff physicians on the Comprehensive Eye Service.