Cataract Medical Center



Liu Xipu, M.D., Ph.D.

Zou Yanghong, M.D.

Ren Xuetao, M.D.

Jia Wei, M.D.

The Cataract Service is the hub of Sekwa Eye Hospital, providing surgical evaluation and management for all kinds of cataract. The cataract service at Sekwa is distinguished by its significantly low incidents of after-cataract or posterior capsule opacification (below 1%) as compared to the overall incidents (about 30%) in the area of cataract surgery, benefiting from the most skilled and experienced surgeons in the hospital.

As a regional center for eye care in the greater Beijing area, the hospital receives referrals from local community hospitals and general hospitals. Patients from all over the region of the greater Beijing area may also come to Sekwa directly for cataract surgery without referrals, as authorized by the government insurance authority.

Appointment for the cataract service is highly recommended, since a complete eye examination for cataract surgery requires time. Sunglasses are advised for use after a routine examination. Therefore, please make sure that you allow adequate time in your schedule, and bring a pair of sunglasses with you.